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St. James, Franktown
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Monday, 19 November 2012 04:14

Franktown in the Township of Beckwith, surveyed in 1818, was divided into 24 park lots consisting of 25 acres each, with reserved lots for a church, a school and a cemetery. St. James Anglican Church was established in 1822 with the laying of the cornerstone and completed in 1827. In 1823 permission was granted to use the “King’s Store” for a Place of Divine Worship, as it was more suitable than the tavern where church services were being held. Upon completion of the Church in 1827, the capacity was said to be 250-350 including seating in the gallery. This little stone church stands as a memorial to the hardy pioneers who built it 194 years ago.

A handsome ‘dry stone wall’ rests in front of the church property. This particular wall, believed to have been built around the same time as the church, is admired by heritage stonemasons for its persistence, despite the absence of mortar or a foundation. Behind the church sit the wonderful historic ‘carriage house/church sheds’, which were restored/repaired in 2005.  They are used every Christmas for the Outdoor Lessons & Carols and also during the Lilac Festival in the spring.

In the past we have shared ministry with St. Bede’s, Nolan’s Corners; St. John’s, MacPherson Rd.; Christ Church, Montague; and St. George’s, Clayton. Currently, along with St. James Carleton Place and St. John's Innisville, comprise the Area Parish of Mississippi Lake.


Centennial Hall is comprised of two joined historic buildings. The stone structure ‘King’s Store’ (built to accommodate & provide provisions for new settlers) is known as the small hall and the frame school house erected in 1860 known as the large hall. This school was attended by local residents until 1967 and was then deeded to St. James Church for $1.00 on condition that the stone building be preserved and used as a community hall. Centennial Hall underwent extensive renovations between 2002 and 2004 and is self-supporting. One or both halls are available to community groups and individuals for reasonable rent.

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